Created: 2016-03-24

Working as an ALT can be tough because of the available technology in your schools. In some cases:

The first one, I cannot help much with. My advice there would be to pre-prep as many lesson plans as possible, try to anticipate what grammar points are being taught, and print/create all of your materials and handouts at home. I purchased a printer and laminator along with several 万円 worth of art supplies over the years for this very purpose. Expensive, but being overprepared and not having to stress about last minute requests was well worth it.

The other three though, that you can solve yourself. My advice is to purchase a portable HDD (USB 3.0 is ideal), not a flash drive, to connect to your school computer. Flash drives are a no go because they wear out far too quickly for what I’m about to suggest which is:

There are several advantages to this.

  1. The software is in English.
  2. You can continue working at home using the same exact software.
  3. You can bring your work and programs to every school you visit.

What to Install

PortableApps will be your savior. Download it and install it to your portable HDD. This program offers up to date software (with easy upgrades) that can easily be installed via the program. It’ll also give you a Windows-esque Start Menu to view all your programs from. I suggest installing the following:

In addition to these, you can throw other portable programs in the PortableApps folder and have it show up in the menu. I’ve extracted and repackaged many other pieces of software to make my life easier (ex: Aegisub for making subtitled videos). If I ever find the time to organize and upload those programs, I’ll update this page. There is one piece of software I know people might wish they could run, and that would be Dropbox. And those people are in luck. Just use DropboxPortableAHK to sync your folder to your external HDD. For the techies who run their own Dropbox-like service, ownCloud and Seafile can easily be extracted and adapted to run portably.

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