Welcome to my personal website! It’s not much, but I plan to share my life’s work here in hopes that I can help others. This website has gone through a couple of revisions. so it may look different since the last time you visited. I’ve tried:

before finally settling on Hugo using a custom built theme. I’m happy with the workflow, but the theme still needs some improvements. So expect a few more changes to the site as time passes by.

Who am I?

My name is Ho Yin Cheng. I’m from New York but I’ve also spent a significant amount of time living in Japan. I started my professional career in Quality Assurance (QA), moved into Backend Development, then took a huge tangent and taught English in Japan as part of the JET Programme. I then returned to the US to reboot my career in development. I eventually joined Flatiron School as a Lead Instructor of Software Engineering / Web Development.



You can reach me by email at ho.yin.cheng@lovescomputers.com.

Known Bugs

There are quite a few bugs that need fixing as well as general aesthetic improvements. These are the ones I’m aware of. Feel free to shoot me an email or ping me on social media if you notice another.