Quiz Game
Mar 2013 to Nov 2014
This is a game meant to look like Jeopardy that I used when teaching ESL in junior high schools.


This is a game meant to look like Jeopardy that I used when teaching ESL in junior high schools. It works well as a review mechanism or to simply have fun in class. There are no strict rules in place within the game itself as it just facilitates displaying questions & answers, showing picture & video questions, giving out points, and making point adjustments on the fly. There’s no rules against you randomly throwing bonus questions and giving out points manually ;)

Tip to teachers using this:

Being digital isn’t what makes this game work. You, the Dungeon Master, are the key to fun!


Game Setup

Pick Game Dialog

New Game Board



Awarding Points


This was built a long time ago and underwent several revisions that weren’t all caught in the commit history as I never imagined making it this complex. Some limitations that I used to work against were:

Some of the early (non-versioned) milestone builds were:


Once I started version controlling my work, I decided to make it easier for non-technical people to create games themselves. So I added a setup screen with the following changes:

Future features that I never finished building out are:

Right now, the game has a build system for packaging everything into the format that node-webkit (at the time) expected. It would allow you to drag and drop the game onto the node-webkit executable on Windows and have it run without hitch.


node-webkit (now nw.js) has since changed and uses the same security model with browser with regards to loading JavaScript files from file://. So if you want to run this game, a workaround is to launch Chrome with these two flags: --disable-web-security --user-data-dir. The resulting window will allow you to pick games and load them correctly.


Versioning system is defined by three numbers: 0.2.5