This is a collection of many of my lecture videos and live code from my time teaching as a Lead Instructor at Flatiron School. I’ll be updating this page as I go through them and eventually pick out the most memorable lectures.

Most Memorable Lectures

Advanced React

I came down with bronchitis which caused me to lose my voice during this rotation. However, since we were shortstaffed, I decided to bite the bullet and figure out a way to continue delivering instruction.

The solution?

I scripted an entire lecture and delivered it in a way that best utilized my ability to lead students to conclusions and questions so I could pre-write answers. I also wrote a React Native app to allow me to do text-to-speech so I could answer student questions outside of lecture.

Redux Series

The existing curriculum around Redux was put together in a very ad-hoc fashion. Having seen several classes of students struggle with it, when I finally got to rotate back onto the React curriculum, I decided to fix the gaps by rewriting how we deliver the material. I took Redux and structured it in a way where it was used to accomplish a few things:

Sadly, I left after iterating on this twice. While it’s much better and produced better results in understanding and application, there are still at least two other opportunities for improvement that I identified but never got to put into practice. I hope to revisit this and do a deeper explanation of the above (and more!) someday as a blog & video series for the general public.

Intro to Linux

This was a fun optional lecture I delivered to our soon to be graduating students. It had gone through a few revisions. The very first time I delivered this, I dove deep into kernel architecture, system calls, processes, and the filesystem. Needless to say, I went way over my time limit and didn’t get to spend a lot of time on the practical fundamentals a junior dev would need.

After revising it with the advice of Evans Wang, I eventually turned this into a more fun presentation that was paired with a very fun hardware setup that I put together to demonstrate the power of Linux. You can see the exact list of hardware towards the end of the linked slides. I presented the first version of this at the second Flatiron School Teacher Summit and then a few more times to students.

There are many opportunities to improve it such as adding in a hands-on component, allowing students to connect and hack my demo devices, etc. If I ever return to instruction, I plan on taking this to the next level of fun.


I will possibly break out this section into different portfolio pieces. For the time being, these are two of the side projects aside from curriculum and lab creation that I created as part of my own initiatives to help the staff on other campuses.


This is a subset of the various lecture series I had to cover broken down by what we call Modules. I’ve taken out reviews that I did not do myself. This is also not curated as it’s just a random collection from various classes I had. Since curriculum also changed over time, I’ve merged some older videos into some of the lists so things may appear out of order as they are from different cohorts.

Module 1 πŸ’Ž - Ruby, OOP, Databases, and ORMs

Topic Code Video
Hashketball Review Code Video
Intro to OOP Code Video: part 1 and part 2
One to Many Relationships Code Video
Many to Many Relationships Code Video
Intro to Inheritance Code Video
Week 1 Review Code Video
Intro to SQL Code Video
Intro to ORMs Code Video
Intro to Active Record and Associations Code Video
Hashes and the Internet Code (100818 repo) Video (old recording)
How To Hide API Keys Code (091718) Video (old recording - 5 min)
Active Record Review Code Video
Intro to TDD Code Video

Module 2 πŸ’Ž - MVC and Ruby on Rails

Topic Code Video
Intro to the Internet Code Video
Intro to Sinatra & MVC Code Video
Sinatra Forms & REST Code Video
RESTful Routes Code & Slides Videos: part 1 && part 2
Sinatra Associations Code Video
Intro to Rails Code Video
Rails Forms & REST Code Video
Rails Associations & Forms Code Video
Rails Forms & Validations Code Video
Cookies and Sessions Code Video
Intro to CSS Code Video
Rails Auth Code Videos: part 1 && part 2

Module 3 🀠 - JavaScript

Missing a bunch of these. I did many of these lectures but mostly as a substitute so there’s no one place for me to look to to pull these together.

Topic Code Video
Fetch and DOM ⚾️ <== πŸ• Code Video

Module 4 βš›οΈŽ - React

Topic Code Video
Intro to React Code Videos: part 1 & part 2
Review No Code Video
Events and State Code Videos: part 1 & part 2
Events, props and state review No Code Video
State, Events, and Forms Code Video
Component Lifecycle + Lifting State Code Videos: part 1 & part 2
Thinking in React Code Video
React Best Practices Code Video
React Under the Hood Code Video
React Router Code Video
React JWT Auth Code Videos: part 1 & part 2 & part 3
Higher Order Components (HOC) Code Video
Predux Code Video
Redux Code Video
React Redux Code Video
Reduxions Code Video
combineReducers & Thunk Code Video

Module 5 - Computer Science

Topic Code Video
Linux Slides Video