Debugging React Native FlatList numColumns with Header and Footer
February 15, 2018

First in a new series of posts that I’ll be calling Code Dive. I like testing the depth of my React Native knowledge by answering questions on StackOverflow. Occasionally, I’ll run into a question that asks about the same exact issue I ran into and was forced to look into the source code to understand. So I take the time to redo the code dive and write out a summary/explanation of what I discovered. For any that I feel were particularly useful, I’ll be reposting them here.

For my very first report, I’ll be explaining why headers and footers are not included in the columns for React Native’s FlatList component when using the numColumns prop. Originally asked here.

Multi-booting Woes With EasyBCD
January 3, 2018

If you’ve recently tried to boot into a new Linux distribution install using EasyBCD (so you can multi-boot with Windows), but failed and landed at a grub> prompt, then this post is for you my friend.