Tech Predictions: 2018

Author: Ho Yin Cheng


Created: January 12, 2018

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Now that I’m blogging regularly, I figure that doing a yearly type post would be a great way to summarize my feelings and then later see how they change. So I plan to write a Tech Prediction article in January of every year and a Tech Reflection article in December of every year. It’ll be a fun way to see how right or how very very wrong I can be.

Standard Disclaimer: Don’t take anything I write here as fact. I am far from an expert in anything and these are just my personal opinions.

Block Chain / Cryptocurrency

Crypto currencies will see the most winners and losers this year because:

News and Information

We’ve seen news and social media go through a hell of time over the past two years. 2018 will be a new evolution in this wild ride.

The Death of the Junior Developer

Now that the H-1B visa has gone through a bunch of changes in 2017, local tech companies will be responding by fully killing off true junior developer positions.

This is already a well known loophole in allowing a company to hire people on H-1B visas instead of hiring locals at a higher salary. To summarize:

  1. Post a junior dev job online.
  2. Add the requirement of having several (3-5+) years experience.
  3. Add the requirement of having knowledge of several technologies.
  4. Reject all local junior dev applicants because #2 and #3 are unreasonable for a junior dev anywhere. Anyone with that can fulfill those requirements are far far from a junior dev position.
  5. Legally start looking at outsourcing and hire people on H-1B visas.

This will only get worse in 2018 and I fully expect that the junior dev position will become 100% extinct in the US.


Their stock is going to have a down year until the new Mac desktop is released at the very end of the year. The poor quality of High Sierra, the “subpar” sales of the iPhone X, the ever worsening App Store, planned obsolescence rumors, etc. All of that will pale in comparison to what Apple will be facing in 2018 - reversing the image that their computers are no longer secure.


It’ll be the year of the Linux Desktop!


It won’t and the various distros and desktops will not change in quality all that much. Just more of the same as every other year.


Their plan for convergence will… not be accomplished this year.


I’ll keep this blog up and manage to write my review article at the end of the year :)

Anyway, that’s all that’s been on my mind lately and while there’s probably more predictions I can make, I don’t feel as strong about them as these. So here’s to a fun 2018 and hopefully I’ll get something right.

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