re:New Patreon Fees

Author: Ho Yin Cheng


Created: December 9, 2017

Series: re:internet
Categories: microblog
Tags: Patreon

Patreon sent out an email about their new fee system which abandons the pooled payments they were doing before. Due to the negative backlash from both creators and patrons, they updated their blog post with more details explaining why they chose to do this. I’ve read through it, read through Hank Green’s Tweets explaining the situation as well to try and get a hold of the situation and…

Patreon still comes off as greedy. Or if I go by Occam’s razor, the Patron team is just plain stupid?

I don’t like being so blunt with negativity, but based on all the information available, it sounds like they could just implement Pro-rated Charge Up Front for creators and it would fix all of their issues while keeping the old system. Of course, I could be missing some nuances but Patreon would have to give us far more detail about their decision making. And guess what? Discussing this with creators and patrons could lead to a more palatable solution for all. Transparency is a good thing after all. Just my 2 cents.

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