#100DaysOfCode: Day 7-10

Author: Ho Yin Cheng


Created: December 28, 2017

Devlog for Days 7 to 10 of my #100DaysOfCode and #Devember coding challenge.


Daily Requirements

Extra Tasks

Progress Report

I haven’t been very productive during December due to a lot of factors outside of my control (primarily health). I am back on track though and hopefully will be speeding up my productivity and actually working towards a real streak for #100DaysOfCode. Gamedev will have to remain on the back burner for now as all goals related to getting a job (portfolio, relearning CS 101) are my top priorities.

This post has already gotten quite long so I’ll do a better explanation of the work I did to integrate react-navigation, redux, and redux-persist (v5) as well as explain how it differs from my old project code where I used redux-persist v4 and had a custom implementation of my SplashScreen that was very similar to how the new PersistGate component works.

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