#100DaysOfCode: Day 17

Author: Ho Yin Cheng


Created: January 17, 2018

Series: devlog

Devlog for day 17 of my #100DaysOfCode coding challenge.


Daily Requirements

Extra Tasks

Progress Report

I installed react-native-sqlite-storage into my project which took quite a bit of time as I had to update the example index.ios.callback.js code to conform to ES6 standards, fix eslint issues, add Flow typing, update the code to use FlatList instead of ListView as that is deprecated, and fix some bad practice code where setState was being used in componentWillUnmount (React Native does not like that and will warn you against doing so).

I also had the chance to experience coding React Native without wifi while sitting in a hospital waiting room for two straight days. While the environment certainly wasn’t ideal, I was surprised at how productive I remained. Of course, it helped that I pre-installed and opened up cached webpages for all of the modules I needed ;)

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