#100DaysOfCode: Day 12

Author: Ho Yin Cheng


Created: January 7, 2018

Series: devlog

First devlog of the new year! Hello 2018!

Even though #Devember is over, I plan to continue writing devlogs as I found that even on a broken schedule, it helped to keep my mind organized and forced me to make notes that were more coherent than what I keep in my Zim Wiki. With that said, onward to trying to get to 100 Days of (non-consecutive) coding.

Devlog for day 12 of my #100DaysOfCode coding challenge.


Daily Requirements

Extra Tasks

Progress Report

So the big task I tackled today was getting my current demo code to run on real devices smoothly so I could test my app in real life. It would also help make sure that the setup and integration code I used was solid before I started adding more packages.

Now this isn’t all ideal. Having to open Xcode whenever you want to test on a device instead of a simulator can be annoying since everything else is done by the command line. So I delved into learned about how react-native run-ios’s various options worked. This is what I learned:

Working through all of this took a bit under 2 hours, but it was definitely worth it. I’ve refreshed what I’ve learned about bumbing through Xcode and Android build files, learned a lot about the run-ios feature, and might even be on my way to writing my first open source patch!

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